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Configurable System Provides Versatility with SmartHeat® Power & Control

The MFR-1100 Series Single Output Soldering and Re-work Systems feature a choice of tools to support today's PCB and component technologies, providing maximum application solutions and increased productivity.


These new systems provide high power solutions for production soldering, touch-up soldering and SMD rework. As with Metcal Soldering Systems, the MFR-1100 series incorporates SmartHeat® Technology that dynamically responds to the load, precisely delivering the required energy for each connection, while protecting sensitive components and substrates from damage. With Smart-Heat® Technology, users are assured of highly responsive and controlled heating.


Multiple Hand-pieces Increases User Flexibility

The MFR-1100 offers maximum application solutions with a choice of three hand-pieces. The MFR-H1-SC Cartridge Hand-piece offers a comprehensive range of soldering and rework cartridges, similar to our popular Metcal range, that provide fine-access soldering tips, SMD rework tips and pad clean-up blade tips.


A hand-piece for production soldering, MFR-H2-ST, features high power and tips designed for production soldering environments.


Another option for the system is the MFR-H4-TW Precision Tweezers Hand-piece. This hand-piece is ideal for SMD removal of 0201 resistors to 28 mm long SOIC.


And finally the new MFR-H6-SSC Hand-piece which allows users of the Metcal SP200 Soldering System to continue to use their SSC cartridges with these new MFR Soldering Systems.


MFR-1100 Single Output Systems

  • MFR-1110: Soldering Cartridge Hand-Piece
  • MFR-1120: Soldering Tip Hand-Piece
  • MFR-1140: Tweezer Hand-Piece
  • MFR-1150: Desoldering Hand-Piece
  • MFR-1160: SSC Cartridge Hand-Piece
  • MFR-1161: Soldering Cartridge Hand-Piece and SSC Cartridge Hand-Piece


Tips / Cartridges Series compatible with this system:

  • SxP Soldering Cartridges
  • RxP Rework Cartridges
  • SxV Soldering Tips
  • CxV Blade Tips
  • TxP Tweezer Cartridges
  • DxP Desoldering Cartridges
  • SSC Soldering Cartridges


MFR-1100 เป็นเครื่องบัดกรีและเครื่องถอดเปลี่ยนอุปกรณ์ชิพไอซีที่มีประสิทธิภาพสูง ให้พลังงานสูงแก่งานบัดกรี งาน touch-up บัดกรี และงานถอดเปลี่ยนชิพไอซีประเภท SMD มีเทคโนโลยี SmartHeat ที่ช่วยควบคุมอุณหภูมิของหัวแร้งบัดกรีให้เหมาะสมตลอดการใช้งาน ช่วยป้องกันการเสียหายที่อาจเกิดขึ้นได้กับอุปกรณ์


สามารถใช้งานได้กับ hand-piece ถึง 4 แบบ ได้แก่ MFR-H1-SC, MFR-H2-ST, MFR-H4-TW, และ MFR-H6-SSC

MFR-1100 Single Output Soldering and Rework System

  • SpecificationsMFR-1100                                                                      Ambient Operating Temperature:0- 40°C (50°F - 104°F)Maximum Enclosure Temperature:55°C (131°F)Input Line Voltage:100- 240 VAC, grounded circuitInput Line Frequency:50/60 HzPower Consumption:70 WattsOutput Power Maximum:60 Watts max. at 22°COutput Frequency:450 KHz.Power Cord 3-Wire:183cm (18/3") SJTDimensions w x d x h:90mm x 142mm x 197mm
    (3.5" x 5.6" x 7.8")Certification / Marking:cTUVus, CETip-to-Ground Potential:< 2mVTip-to-Ground Resistance:< 2 ohmsIdle Temperature Stability:± 1.1°C (2°F) in still airHand-piece Cable Length:L=122cm (48"), burn resistant, ESD safeHand-piece Connector:8-pin circular DINWeight of the power supply:5.05 lbs (2.3 kg)

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