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Threadlockers are a single component anaerobic adhesive comprised of unique liquid resins that harden (or cure) to a durable solid when exposed to metal ions in the absence of air. The anaerobic cure mechanism allows the adhesive to flow and evenly settle to lock and seal threaded fasteners without curing permanently. Any excess threadlocker will remain liquid, and is easily wiped away from the assembly.

Benefits of Loctite® Threadlockers:

  • Reliable vibration resistance
  • Extreme temperature resistance
  • Rapid cure
  • Easy dispensing
  • Prevent loosening from shock and vibration
  • Single component - quick and easy to apply
  • Can be used on various sizes of fasteners - reduces inventory costs
  • Seal threads
  • Stop rust and corrosion
  • Available in a variety of viscosities and strengths for virtually any application


Threadlocking Products

Loctite® 222™  Low strength with improved oil tolerance(up to 6 mm bolts)
Loctite® 243™  Medium strength with improved oil tolerance (6-20mm bolts)
Loctite® 263™  High strength and offers high temperature (up to 25 mm bolts)
                         Recommended replacement for Loctite® 262™, 270™, 271™
Loctite® 272™  High Strength and High Temperature up to 230ºC (up to 36 mm bolts)
Loctite® 277™  High strength and removable with heat and hand tools (up to 36 mm bolts)
Loctite® 290™  Medium strength for pre-assembled (up to 12 mm bolts)


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Loctite® Threadlockers

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