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PCB manufacturers have been quick to take up maskless UV-LED photolithography equipment with projection chipsets such as TI’s DLP® 7000, DLP® 9000, or DLP® 9500. Semiconductor lithography tools are also gaining traction these days.

The industry’s most widely used DMD devices benefit from our DMD Illuminator LumiDL™. Exceptionally easy to integrate and service, this powerful unit is the go-to option for mono- and polychromatic illumination. LumiDL™ units can handle power levels ranging from 30 to 40 W on 0.95″ DLP® chipsets. You can define any custom spectral output based on individually combinable 365, 385, 405, and 436 nm emitters of the LED array.

DMD Illuminator LumiDL™

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